5 Stomach Gas Problems That Will Destroy Your Social Life If You Don’t Start Treatment

It might sound strange that there are actually people trying to stop stomach gas problems.  And believe it or not, it does affect your social life badly.  And if you do not do something about it, stomach gas problems will not only bring confidence level down, it will also affect your family and friends.

For most people, relieving stomach gas probably means farting, or simply breaking wind.

But as you continue reading this article, you will not think ‘farting’ as just a simple case of letting gas out of your system.

But for me, as well as other fellow suffers, this is no laughing matter.  The embarrassment, the pain and the situation we have to face are simply ridiculous for us to lead a normal life.  This is like a comedy where I am the lead actor farting and facing stomach problems everywhere I go.

Its a big joke but in this instance, the jokes on me. I believe the picture below best illustrates all the points (whether you are meeting clients, in the office or in the restaurant).

Lets see if you have witness the following 5 stomach gas problems:

1 – While in office

While in office, you are unable to control the constant farting.  It will be terrible for you to be always going outside of office or to the toilet as your bosses will take note of your performances.

But if you stay in your own cubicle area, no matter how much air refresher you will be spraying out, sooner or later, someone is going to smell the bad air and your colleagues will be looking at you with a different perspective.

2 -Meeting Clients

If you are doing sales and meeting a client, imagine the reaction of client when you uncontrollably let out some ‘wind’.  You can pretty much be sure you will not be making any sales, unless this client really knows and understands your problem.

3 -Constant Burping

For many sufferers, it is not only breaking wind but also the constant burping after meals.  Some friends have commented that the breath stinks and this causes your social circle to get smaller and smaller.

4 -Restaurant is a BIG CHALLENGE

For the first 3 points, i highlight that it affects people around you.  But stomach gas problems affects more than just your social circle.  It even affects the places where you can go as well.

I mean you can forget about going to restaurants, especially air conditioned ones, as the smell of your burping or farting will most probably affect a lot of people’s appetite.

5 -It Destroys Your SEX LIFE

Finally, this is for me, the worst problem of all.  While making love, it does not matter if you are the masters of love making, but if you constantly start breaking wind, the mood will be ruin, no matter how romantic the atmosphere can be.

It just totally kills my self confidence when my partner stares at me with disbelief.

Do not mistake a simple fart for having stomach gas problems.  But if you do face the 5 scenarios that I have listed, then trust me, it is time to seek for a solution and end this problem once and for all.

It is time to get back your life.

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