Stomach Gas Remedies – Different Supplements for Bloating and Gas Problems

I am not trying to demoralize you but there is simply no common supplements for bloating and gas problems to treat every stomach gas sufferers. Not all stomach gas remedies will be suitable for everyone due to many factors.

Each person’s digestive system behaves differently:

  • due to the different foods and drinks we eat,
  • the lifestyle we have,
  • the time we sleep,
  • stress level at home and
  • at work.

There are some supplements that might be effective for maybe 100 people but maybe another 20 who do not feel any improvements in their stomach gas problems. The farting will still continue, and the excessive bloating might get worst too.

But in order to know what works for you, you will have to try out the different remedies available till you find the right one.

Bummer right!

If you are lucky, maybe you can strike gold in the first supplement you buy.

But for the rest, it might be a few tries of different products as well as a few visits to your family doctor before you can determine what works for you.

For the below article, what i hope to achieve is to categorize the different supplements and problems that a person might have and what are the popular supplements people are buying from to help with their problems.

If you want to read about the more common problems of how you get these flatulence problems or stomach gas problems, you can read these few articles I have written previously.

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As for the rest, if you are interested to know the different categories and supplements available, continue reading.

Activated Charcoal

I have to admit, when I was doing my research, the word “charcoal” simply does not ring a bell when it comes to supplements.

Charcoal for BBQ makes sense but for curing stomach problems, it was really a first for me. So after doing some research, activated charcoal became pretty interesting.

I was doing my research and the activated charcoal products people are buying on amazon, it is an interesting supplement to try if you can accept it.

One thing for sure is that the FDA has confirmed activated charcoal as a form of supplement suitable for consumption and an effective remedy.

What charcoal does is to adsorb toxic wastes, toxic gases, and germs, and this makes it an effective cleansing agent for your body. The activated charcoal will adsorb these toxins in your digestive system and prevents it from entering your blood streams.

And one more thing I learn is the difference between the word Adsorption and the word Absorption.

When we say absorption, we can refer to water being absorb by a paper towel.

But for adsorption, it means the particles will actually attaches itself to the charcoal and not absorb them.

Charcoal is oxidize via high temperature steam or air to get activated. Via this process, there are lots of tiny pores forming on the charcoal and it is these holes that enables the charcoal to adsorb all those particles.

There are basically 3 ways you can consume activated charcoal.  It appears in powder form, tablet form and capsule form.

Nature's Way Activated CharcoalOne of the products in amazon that caught my eye was Nature’s Way Activated Charcoal, which is relatively cheap and quite a number of good reviews.

I did some research and read some of the latest reviews by some of the 21 customers who gave their review.


Check out the reviews from customers who have felt an improvement for their stomach gas problems:

natures way activated charcoal reviews

But amid the good reviews, I did find a bad review.  Remember that I mention that there is no standard supplements that can benefit everyone.  So this is one example:

natures way activated charcoal bad review

If you are interested, you can click on this link Nature’s Way Activated Charcoal to find out more or click on the picture below to amazon.

natures way activated charcoal





This is another remedy ingredient call Simethicone that can help to decrease bloating and gas problems.  Simethicone can disperse gas bubbles and it can also prevent more gas bubbles from developing.  And in some cases, if you do decide to take a supplement with Simethicone in it, then you should always do it before your meals or take it at a place that has nobody around.

One of the supplements that I did some research on is this product call Gas-X Anti-Gas.

You can check out the reviews below:

Gas-X Anti-Gas Chewable Tablets Review

One thing to note, if you consume this, the effect is pretty fast and you might be farting quite a lot.

But the best thing is that once all the gas is released from your body, you can pretty much feel better throughout the night.

Click here on Gas-X Anti-Gas tablets if you are interested.

I will add more to this post with another 2 more supplements with Peppermint and Beano.  Stay tuned to this blog post.

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  1. September 24, 2011 at 6:53 am

    gas is not a disease but it can be taken as indication that the system is not working properly and probably you have some disease.
    thus it is very imp to avoid gas
    here are some more gas remedies

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