Stomach Gas Home Treatment Methods

Gas buildup in the stomach is a commonly occurring problem to different people. Health experts say that the bloating has no serious health complications. In fact, most of them pass on their own. These experts also say that everyone experiences gases and passes them not less than 12 times in a day. You should however note that some people can have too much bloating such that they experience pain in their abdomen. It may not be possible to completely deal with bloating but there are stomach gas home treatment ways to reduce its severity and rate of occurrence.

It is good to first look at the causes of bloating before talking about the remedies. Treating an illness from the source is the best thing to do. Gases result from malt extracts, consumption of contaminated water and food and fibrous foods among others. Irritable bowel syndrome and gastroenteritis are also causes of bloating. One of the most recommended natural remedies to bloating is garlic soup. This is an item that not only reduces gases in the intestines, it also speeds up the rate of food digestion.

Fennel tea is another widely used treatment for bloating. Crush 2 or 3 tablespoons of fennel seeds in one cup of boiling water. Heat this mixture for around 12 minutes remove the seeds. This tea should be consumed just before meals for best results. Chronic flatulence can also be reduced by daily consumption of funnel tea.

The other solution to bloated stomachs is peppermint tea. Perhaps one of the most known herbs in the world which aid digestion is peppermint. What this product does, once consumed, is that it relaxes the intestines and bowels to stop the bloating. This product has antispasmodic characteristics which plays a big role in increasing the rate of digestion. Honey can be added to the mix to sweeten the drink. This drink should be consumed immediately following meals or whenever you experience bloating.

The other very crucial home remedy is baking soda. This item easily neutralizes acids in stomachs and reduces bloating fast. This product is considered by many health experts and nutritionists as the best and most reliable cure to bloated stomachs. In fact, baking soda is always a component in most gases medication drugs.

Another way to prevent bloated is to ensure that you chew your food well. People who eat very fast mostly experience bloating. Failing to chew your food well gives the stomach a lot of work to do in digestion. The more this work is, the higher the bloating.

Eating too much is also another cause. You should also reduce the amount of fats you consume in your meals. Foods with a lot of fats in them are hard to digest. Instead of consuming large meals at once, eat small and frequent ones. This allows time for proper digestion of food.

There is a lot that can be done to do away with the problem of bloating. The above stomach gas home treatment methods have been tried and tested by different people all over the world. For more details on this, please visit the web.

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