Some Stomach Gas Home Treatment Ideas

Stomach gas affects everyone to one degree or another. The nature of the problem each person experiences is based on a number of issues dealing with such things as diet and personal habits. Quite a number of people automatically run to the prescription medicine counter for relief, however, stomach gas home treatment options are perfectly natural and less costly.

Someone serious about eliminating the gaseous outflow from their mouth, through burping, or through their rectum would do well to avoid some things. They will also benefit from doing other things. The main reason for the build up of gas, , all things being equal, is the inability of the body to digest everything that is put into the mouth.

The problems that indigestion causes can be all but eliminated by reducing the number of things that are eaten that generate this gas and those that are not broken down properly. Some of those things will be sugars and starches. The lactose, found in most milk products, and sorbitol in fruits will increase the amount of gas produced. Large amounts of fiber will also need to be avoided.

Many habits people have contribute to this problem as well. Anything that causes you to draw more air into your mouth is a culprit in this issue. Smoking and eating allows this as well as talking a lot. It does make sense with smoking and the amount of air you pull in is increased of you eat fast.

Many of the things you can take to help alleviate this condition are all natural and prepared at home inexpensively. A very popular treatment is garlic soup. Garlic is a natural remedy for indigestion. It helps to decrease the gas produced in the body and reduces the bloated feeling many people have when they are about ready to really feel the pain.

Other home treatments can be used, such as drinking chamomile, green or peppermint tea. These all prevent gas build up and help relax you. Fennel tea is another preparation and can be made quite easily. These all help in the production of calm, non gaseous, feelings of wellness. Other home made remedies exist and a little research will point many of them out to the patient Internet surfer.

If a person needs to go to a medicine because of the unwillingness to change diet and or habits, a doctor should be consulted. One of the preparations they might recommend is metoclopramide. This, as all gas prescriptions are known to do, will help move the gas through the body faster. This will allow a reduction of the pain associated with the bloating that many people feel during this time.

Studies have shown that the average person will generate from one to about four pints of gas each day. They will expel this gas through one of two openings in the body at an average of 14 to 20 times per day. Many of these times are very inopportune for all concerned. Using some of these stomach gas home treatment ideas will help in this matter and everyone will benefit.

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