GasBGon Flatulence Filter Seat Cushion Reviews

I found out about this GasBGon flatulence filter seat cushion on one of those days of non-stop rumblings from my stomach and the constant, uncontrollable farts!

The idea came about when my girlfriend complained and I was thinking, “how nice if there is such a product that can prevent anyone else from smelling my farts or even hear me fart..”

Imagine my surprise when I found out there is really such a product like GasBGon flatulence filter seat cushion.  Based on reviews on amazon, I studied the reviews of customers who bought on amazon, and it seems there are quite a lot of good reviews but there are a few that also says it does not work too!

So what does this GasBGon flatulence filter seat cushion do?

In simple terms, it is a cushion that helps stomach gas sufferers who cannot control their farts.

The cushion does 3 things:

1 – It muffles the farting sound so that no one knows you just “did” it in front of them.

2 – It absorbs the odor from flatulence so that no one around you will smell the ordor when you let go on the cushion without excusing yourself.

3 – It is known disguise as a cushion but it is actually an air filter and sound dampener so that no one suspects anything when you sit on it.

I will think the best places you can use it will be at home as well as in your office and car.  But probably not the restaurants though.  It will definitely look weird to be carrying a cushion and sitting on it in the restaurants.

You can find it in (if you are lazy to search for it) and sometimes, amazon does offer some discounts for the cushion.

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GasBGon Flatulence Filter Seat Cushion Features and Specifications:

  • With GasBGon, you Clear the Air, Not the Room!
  • A fun, yet serious solution to the embarrassing problem of malodorous gas.
  • Applies cutting edge filter technology (replaceable) to muffle the sound and adsorb the odor that accompanies flatulence.
  • GasBGon applies for all situations in which you would rather be safe…than sorry.
  • Patented Unisex design-an equal opportunity product!

GasBGon Flatulence Filter Seat Cushion Reviews

My research into the GasBGon Flatulence filter seat cushion turns out that quite a number of customers are pretty satisfied with the product but there are also a couple of customers who says it does not work.

Good Reviews from customers of Amazon (I try to find the latest as possible as it will prove they bought it recently.)

I was skeptical at first as well, especially when I tested it on my couch the first time, there were definitely odors. However when I took it to work and started using it correctly, it works perfectly, not an odor anywhere. You have to shoot directly into the pillow for it work, if your leaning to far forward or backward, it can escape. So when I have to go, I sit up straight and rip all day long.

Bad Reviews from customers of Amazon (It will prove if the product still works at this time or not)

Coming from someone with a terrible case of IBS who takes this seriously unlike the jokers reviewing this product, this doesn’t work at all, not even a little.

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