Gas-X Anti-Gas Chewable Tablets Review (Choose Peppermint Creme Flavor, its good)

I was introduced to Gas-X Anti-Gas Chewable Tablet on one of my trips to the Gastroenterologist to seek if he has any stomach gas remedies recommendations for me.

His recommendations to me was to take 1 Gas-X Anti-Gas Chewable Tablet after each meal.  I have to say that these little tablets have been pretty effective, and why I chose peppermint was that it tastes good as well.

It helps me to reduce my abdominal gas as well as eliminate the bloating as well.


Do not consume it while in a restaurant or places with many people.  You will be farting (feeling the effects) within minutes. So try to take it while you are comfortably at home or somewhere that will not get you unnecessary attention.

You can find it in (if you are lazy to search for it) and sometimes, amazon does offer some discounts for the cushion.

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Gas-X Anti-Gas Chewable Tablet Features:

  • Pack of 3,36-count boxes (total of 108 boxes)
  • Specially formulated with 100 percent simethicone
  • Offers fast, effective relief of pressure and bloating that antacids can’t provide

Gas-X offers fast, effective relief of pressure and bloating that antacids can’t provide. It is specially formulated with 100% simethicone. The antigas medicine doctors recommend most for gas pressure, bloating, and discomfort.

Gas-X Anti-Gas Chewable Tablet Reviews

Based on our research, there are not that many reviews on Gas-X Anti-Gas Chewable Tablet but for those we manage to find, this product manage to get some relief from excessive stomach gas.  And it does eliminate some embarrassment as it does reduce stomach bloating as well.  Check out some of the reviews below:

Good Reviews from customers of Amazon (I try to find the latest as possible as it will prove they bought it recently.)

These over the counter tablets are a great products that gives my wife a break from an upset tummy after eating any kind of spicy or gas producing foods.


I have recently become bothered by excessive abdominal gas. My Gastroenterologist suggested that I chew a Gas-X Anti-Gas Chewable Tablet after each meal.I prefer the Peppermint Creme Tablets. They are quite tasty. It certainly helps to make me more comfortable. I strongly recommend them to anyone having similar digestive problems.


Gas-X Chewables are effective and, surprisingly, good tasting as well. I have developed a sensitivity to several artificial sweeteners (notably Sorbitol and Maltitol), often getting painful and embarrassing gas when ingesting too much. Taking two of these chewable tablets with something that is likely to cause me issues tends to reduce or eliminate the bloating.


I could not find any bad reviews from customers of Amazon at the moment

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