Some Easy Stomach Gas Remedies

Gas is a byproduct of the digestion process which is mainly caused by swallowing large amounts of air when eating/drinking. Flatulence may also be caused by bacteria located in the large intestines which ferment carbohydrates that didn’t properly break down higher up in the gut. Intestinal gas is composed of the same gases in the atmosphere such as oxygen, hydrogen, methane, carbon dioxide and nitrogen. Many natural and medicinal stomach gas remedies to treat this condition exist.

One of these is lactase supplements. These are meant for people whose gas problems are due to the effect of being intolerant to lactose. These over the counter medications are available in both liquid drop and tablet form. They contain the enzyme known as lactase that aids the digestion of lactose. It breaks down the milk sugar lactose into glucose.

You can also get relief from over the counter medications which contain simethicone. This acts by dissolving air bubbles and is normally the active ingredient in flatulence medications which come in both chewable and regular tablets, liquids and capsules taken orally. It’s also possible for one to obtain a prescription for this drug. When taking it, one must adhere to the issued dosage indications. Avoid taking more or less than what your physician has advised.

Another source of relief is activated charcoal tablets. These can be obtained from drugstores and health food stores. These work towards reducing the amount of intestinal gas.

Some physicians recommend that expectant women suffering from stomach pain brought on by flatulence attempt to ease the discomfort by engaging in some sort of activity. If you’re cramping or are feeling bloated, you may be tempted to lie down. However, engaging in light housework, changing position periodically or going for a walk may help relieve gas pains.

Ingesting ginger could also offer some relief. Some medicinal uses of the ginger root include relieving diarrhea, nausea and abdominal cramps. For the most complete remedy, you should take ginger tea, capsules or swallow in small pieces with water if you can stand its taste.

Just like adults, infants get gas due to food reactions and swallowed air. Before medicating, it’s advisable to try traditional cures. Placing the child on their stomach may relieve the problem. The constant movement of the infant loosens gas pockets trapped in the abdomen, therefore offering some relief. You could also try rubbing the stomach in circles or burping the child while patting them on the back.

You could also use various herbs which are normally added to tea to relieve abdominal gas. The most common include spearmint and peppermint. These work by helping settle the tummy, thus reducing the discomfort.

To help avoid abdominal gases, try chewing your food slowly. Eating too fast increases the risk of swallowing air pockets. This could lead to bloating and gas. Eat light meals because excessive consumption of food may also lead to gas buildup. Sip beverages as opposed to gulping them. To minimize the amount of air swallowed, drink using glasses instead of straws. Also, avoid carbonated drinks such as soda. Opt for water instead. You could consult your doctor for other stomach gas remedies.

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