Simple And Effective Stomach Gas Remedies

Nothing can be more embarrassing than dealing with flatulence in public or around someone you are trying to impress. Taking control of your diet can help you avoid those embarrassing moments with flatulence. Try these effective stomach gas remedies and have fewer episodes of painful bloating and gas.

Many foods cause flatulence, some more so than others. Most cruciferous vegetables like cabbage and broccoli cause extreme flatulence. Apples and pears can cause excessive gas as well. Avoiding foods that you have found to increase stomach gases can reduce the occurrence of built up gases that create bloating and discomfort.

Foods that are high in fats and sugars can increase gas buildup. Fast foods, processed foods and foods that are spicy can create more gases in your digestive system. Avoiding these kinds of foods is important for not only lowering the buildup of gases, but also for avoiding issues with diabetes and heart disease as well. Rich foods like cakes and pastries can also cause flatulence as well.

If you do not exercise regularly, doing so could also help you reduce the number of incidents you endure with painful gas and bloating. Physical activity helps to move gases through your digestive tract, thus reducing your risk of having painful buildup. Learning more about the best exercise program for you means you visiting your health care provider first.

Some people may have issues with lactose or wheat that can cause severe bloating and pain associated with gases building up. If you have issues with some foods and have not spoken to your physician about it, doing so is important for making sure you do not have food allergies and intolerances that could cause you painful problems with flatulence.

Over the counter drugs like simethicone can help a lot with relieving flatulence as well. Remember that popular antacids are not always going to relieve pain from bloating associated with flatulence. However, people suffering with chronic flatulence should visit their health care provider for learning more about underlying medical problems. Some medical problems like wheat intolerance carry chronic flatulence as a symptom. Your doctor can explain more about the kinds of drugs you can take for relief of flatulence.

The lifestyle you lead can play a huge role in every aspect of your health. The foods you eat, the beverages you consume and even the environment you are in can affect your total health, especially when it comes to the digestive system. Habits like smoking and drinking too much alcohol can also increase your risk of chronic flatulence and other digestive problems. Eating foods that are high in fats in the hours before you lie down at night can also create more gases in your digestive tract.

Many natural stomach gas remedies like dietary changes can help you a great deal to lower the incidence of painful bloating. Knowing you do not have to worry so much about embarrassing moments of flatulence starts with you taking charge of your body and what you put into it. The steps you take for your health are an important responsibility.

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