Remedy To Excess Gas In The Tummy, The Little Tummys Gas Relief Drops For Kids

The Little Tummys Gas Relief Drops for kids help to get rid of pain brought about due to excess gas in the tummy. It is specifically meant for use by the newborns, infants and children. It consists of an anti-gas component called Simethicone which is the most preferred by pharmacists to safely cure gas discomfort. In addition, it contains no alcohol or dye and because of its sweet taste hence can be administered to the infants with ease. There is recommendation that this product be administered to the infants right before meals or during the meals aiding the child to pass stool more frequently. However, this product has received several praises and criticisms too.

One of the customers writes and says that after delivering her twin babies, they were fond of crying after they let out gas. She reported upon buying the drop and using it on her babies, it was of great help to them and in fact it just worked in minutes.

Another customer said his son suffered from gas problems even after changing his formula. When he used the gas relief drops, it worked very fast and he uses this product during every meal.

Another parent confirmed she was recommended to the drop by her friend. She said that all she had to do was add a few drops into every bottle and her son was well again. She says that she used the product for just half a year and their son was well again. She reported that her son eating habits also improved hence she approves to all the mothers she comes across.

Also, some parents say that their babies really love the taste of little tummy drops and they even suspect that the children fake their cry just to have another dose. They say that since it makes the baby happy the family at large is happy too since the baby is not always crying out of pain.

Other customers expressed their love for this product saying that due to its non-staining ability, they preferred it to other products. This comes about because the product has no dye. They praise this drop product citing that it made doing laundry for their babies much easier since they do not have to concentrate on removing the stains.

However some of the customers complained that the product was quite expensive for them but on seeing how efficiently it worked, they thought and said they would not put a price on their child health. They therefore went ahead and recommended this product to other parents.

A certain parent criticized the product and wrote on the blog that she had conducted her research . Her included, she discovered that there was another control group that was given only water instead of drops. According to her these drops did not work.

All in all, the advantages of the product are more than the disadvantages. Having being approved by many parents, it is sound to conclude that little tummy gas relief drops for newborns, infants and children are an advisable product for babies with gas problems.

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