Little Tummys Gas Relief Drops For Kids Put An End To Your Little Ones Pain

When distraught parents are looking for an effective way to relieve their baby’s distress from gas, Little Tummys Gas Relief Drops for Kids is a good choice. Many pediatricians and pharmacists recommend this formula as one of the best, and the majority of parents who have given it to their children are pleased with the results.

Simethicone, which is the drug of choice for treating discomfort from gas in people of any age, is the main active ingredient in these potent drops. It is also free of dyes, alcohol, artificial flavor, and saccharin, which are potentially unhealthy and may cause a reaction in some children. Up to twelve doses per day are acceptable, but most parents have found that nowhere near this amount is even necessary because of its high level of effectiveness. Most babies were given a dose following feedings and as a result, slept much more soundly for longer periods of time.

The best way to administer this medicine is to give it after meals, this way the gas can be brought under control before it can get into the intestines and cause pain and bloating. The formula comes in a one ounce sized bottle with a dropper to accurately measure and deliver it to the infant. The dosage can range from 0.3 ml to 0.6 ml, depending on the age of the child.

Since the drops are white and the dropper is opaque, the dosage markings are in black, making them easier to see, which some other similar products have overlooked, using white markings on the dropper instead. Most parents appreciate this forethought and report this product’s dropper to be easy to use, although a minority did find it difficult to precisely measure out the smallest dose.

Parents who have tried several different brands of comparable medications, have found this one to most effective in preventing gastrointestinal troubles in their infants and as a result it has become their “go-to” remedy. Some other brands tend to have more additives and have been reported as less appealing in taste to the babies.

Sweetened with sucralose, this products has a strawberry flavor which most babies are quite fond of if the drops are giving to them directly. Some parents prefer to add the drops to the baby’s bottle, which is another acceptable way they can be given. Some babies are apparently not too happy about this particular flavor however, and as a result their parents have opted to use a different brand, but this was only noted in a small number of cases.

Some moms and dads do not like the idea of using medications for their young children, but even these extra cautious parents trust this safe formula. Babies who are troubled with constipation, food intolerances, or are just trying new foods have been found to experience less gas when the drops are given, with sometimes as little as just one dose each day, and the medication works quickly as well.

The price can vary from one store to the next, but many who have bought this product have found that it is reasonable in cost when compared to some other brands. Although cost should not be the main consideration where a child’s comfort and well-being is concerned, it is still helpful that such an overall well-rated, quality product is offered for an affordable price.

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