How Yoga Can Help Reduce Gas Problems

The scientific or medical term that is used to describe the gas generation in the human body is known as Flatulence. This condition is associated by the gases that are produced in the stomach and also in the intestines. It is normal to produce gas from the body and some refer to this as farting while others call it bloating. In some cases, people may end up producing excess gas from their bodies a situation that is very uncomfortable to them and this is what is termed as gas problems. It mainly arises from constipation and indigestion and can lead to conditions such as ulcers and heart disease. Research has shown that yoga can help reduce gas problems.

One such posture in the exercise is the Makarasana or the crocodile pose. This is an effective pose for working the whole body. It stretches the muscles of the back, legs and the buttocks. Its eventual effect is that it helps to improve digestion. A part from reducing gas problems, it is also important for improving the overall body posture and also lower stress in the body.

Another important pose is the wind relieving pose, also known as Pavanamuktasana. As its name suggests, it is an efficient posture for releasing the excess gas in the abdomen. It may be dangerous to pregnant women or people who suffer from spinal problems.

The Vajrasan or Thunderbolt pose is another good yoga exercise. This pose helps deal with digestive related issue like constipation and other gas related problems. It should however not be recommended for people that have knee problems as it may bring complications to them.

Marichyasana III, also called the seated twist is also effective in the reduction of the gas secreted by the stomach. This posture helps improve digestion and reduces constipation that lead to excessive gas production from the body.

These various exercises help to reduce gas production by enhancing gastrointestinal circulation, food absorption and the production of mucus in the stomach that aids in digestion hence preventing constipation. It is recommended that those that practice yoga to aid in their digestion should do it with an empty stomach. In addition to that one should also do the yoga exercises in the morning hours.

Yoga helps to reduce the level of stress which aids in improving digestion. When the digestion is improved, it the likelihood of constipation to occur is minimal hence gas production is put at a normal and controlled level.

The exercise should be encouraged for all people suffering from this gas discomfort. This is recommended because the exercise is a healthy practice that not only reduces production of excess gas from the body but also helps in the toning of the entire body in general. The yoga exercises are also more advantageous because one does not need to go to faraway places. They can do this in the comfort of their homes at their own free time. All in all, people should first visit paramedic to have themselves examined before they engage in strenuous exercises that may be dangerous to their bodies.

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