Discovering Stomach Gas Remedies Easily Available At Home

Failing to chew food properly before swallowing, having digestive disorders, consumption of spicy food and bacterial infection may result to one having a lot of gas in the stomach. This article highlights some of the stomach gas remedies which are readily available at home.

The first one is ginger. You can use either dry or fresh ginger as a remedy. The fresh one is chewed after meals while the dry one is added on the food. Alternatively, you may as well drink ginger tea. The ginger is grinded then boiled in water for some minutes in order to make the ginger tea.

Caraway seeds may also be used as a remedy. Caraways seed tea helps in ensuring that one has a proper digestion. This tea may be made by boiling water mixed with a teaspoon of the caraway seeds for a few minutes. Alternatively, one may as well chew roasted seeds mixed with salt. This is also another way of helping yourself if you have the same effect.

The other remedy involves the use of garlic. Taking garlic soup helps in improving the digestion of an individual. The soup should be made from fresh garlic. The garlic is taken then grinded before adding the m to water. The mater mixed with the grinded garlic is then boiled for a few minutes before adding pepper and salt. The soup is then cooled and taken at least three times a day.

Peppermint may as well be used. Peppermint tea is also helpful in ensuring that the digestion is proper. The tea is made by adding fresh paper mint leaves in water the water is boiled for some times. Honey is then added inside the water then cooled. It is advisable that the tea should be taken at least three times a day in order to achieve the desired result. Peppermint may as well be added in drinking water then taken just like that.

Apple cider vinegar is also another good remedy. It helps in boosting the digestion of an individual there by helping the issue of the gas in the stomach. The apple cider vinegar is added in warm water then allowed to cool. Then you drink the water. It is necessary to note that normal vinegar may also be used in a situation where there is no apple cider vinegar.

The other remedy is using the cinnamon. The cinnamon powder is added to warm milk then honey is mixed with the milk before stirring to ensure that they have properly mixed. The mixture is then taken to solve the problem. Cinnamon tea may also be taken to solve the same gas issue. In making the tea, one needs to take cinnamon powder then add to a boiling water to make the tea.

Using cardamom is also another remedy worth consideration. The roasted cardamom powder is added to vegetables or rice before it is cooked. One may also chew the pods of cardamom to help in reducing the gases. All these stomach gas remedies discussed above are readily available at home or in the local market.

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