What Causes Stomach Gas Problems – 4 Common Problems That Causes Uncontrollable Farting

So what causes stomach gas? You probably started feeling smellier and farting more than usual and you might have heard of stories of this problem worsening.

Before you panic, just continue reading to see what are the causes and then decide if you are suffering from such problems or just a one-off thing.

Continue reading the 4 common causes of stomach gas below:

1 – Have you ever stop to think that we may complain of a weak stomach of producing excessive gas that causes us to burp or fart, but very seldom, it causes us to feel any serious stomach pain.

Maybe the most obvious signs that our stomach is acting up is when you feel bloated and irritable after certain meals.  And it may cause us to feel heavy at certain times as well.

The reasons could be you have ate too much, or maybe you had too much cheese cake that is pretty rich.  A lot of such factors have to be considered to ascertain the causes of our ‘weak’ stomach.  If we can find the cause, there will be a solution.

2 – Not all sufferers share the same causes.  For some, as mention above, you could be overeating, or you could be eating some food that is simply too rich in ingredients for your stomach to handle.

Or it could even be a lack of exercises.  But for some, it could be due to intolerance to different types of food that might be the source of the problem.  And this might be surprising to you but food intolerance is one of the common causes of stomach gas problems.  The problem might be solve or minimize by not consuming or just consuming less of that food.

3 – Another possibility can be from the medicine that you are taking.  If you have manage to narrow down that it could be your current medication giving you stomach gas problems, then it is better to consult the doctor who prescribe it to you.

It might be a small gas problem but it is better to get some advise from a professional instead of stopping your medication abruptly.  Maybe the medicine is causing your digestive system to produce too much stomach acid, but no matter, consult your doctor and get an opinion.

4 – Whenever you start farting, feel bloating or start burping smelly gas, you will probably blame the stomach for being weak.  But a lot of times, people fail to consider how difficult it is for the digestive system to function well with the kind of food and drink we stuff ourselves these days.

Unless you are a person who focuses on healthy food, you probably post a lot of challenging food for your body to digest.  Gas is a by product of out digestive system and causes of stomach gas can range from under-eating to overeating, and believe it or not, it can be due to lack of exercises as well.

It can be any number of reasons of what causes stomach gas. The above 4 causes may seem obvious but sometimes, it is not so easy to ascertain the root cause of the problem.  So if you feel your stomach gas problems are becoming more serious, then it is time to seek treatment, and if you are unable to get conclusive results from your doctors, there are many alternative new age solutions to try as well.

2 comments for “What Causes Stomach Gas Problems – 4 Common Problems That Causes Uncontrollable Farting

  1. imtiaz naikoo
    October 1, 2011 at 9:10 am

    i remain always tense and under stress.can it b a reason for stomach gas when i take even small meals?

  2. admin
    October 1, 2011 at 7:37 pm

    Yes, it can be. I am about to complete a blog post about how stress indirectly affects your stomach gas but in a nutshell:

    1 – stress makes you breath in harder and in turn, sucks in more air than you need

    2 – stress makes you desire certain food cravings that you should not be eating, and is bad for your body, its not the quantity of food you eat but the type of food you eat

    3 – stress can affect your heart , or you might get headaches and all these indirectly affects your stomach

    4 – stress can sometimes send signals to your brain to either increase the flow of the waste material in your body or slow down the process

    There is an observation done that stress does affect stomach gas but how exactly it affects the body is still unclear. But a lot has to do with the brain sending the wrong or irregular signals to all parts of the body, especially to the intestines and stomach when your stress starts.

    Hope this helps

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