Stomach Gas Indian Home Remedies That Will Make You Feel Better

The pain of a bloated abdomen due to gas trapped in the digestive tract can be very distressing and disruptive to one’s activities or sleep. Fortunately there are some effective stomach gas Indian home remedies that are safe and natural and can provide relief from this annoying symptom. Used successfully in India for generations, these cures offer a drug-free approach that works.

Mint leaves are one way of easing gas that also tastes very refreshing, after eating chew several fresh leaves of mint along with some sugar for sweetening. Fresh ginger is another tasty, but spicy way or easing stomach woes, it should be prepared by slicing the ginger root very thinly and then adding a pinch of black salt, it’s most effective if taken before meals.

Several types of tea are also commonly used Indian remedies and can be very pleasant and soothing to drink. Fennel seed tea is one such type, prepare the fennel seeds by first crushing them, then pouring hot water over them and allowing them to steep for several minutes. The fennel has the effect of relaxing muscles in the intestines to permit passage of trapped gas. Chewing fennel seeds is also effective. Tea made with ginger relieves gas as well, but should not be combined with milk as this weakens its potency.

Lemon tea can be prepared by adding lemon juice to any regular black tea, and substituting black salt for sugar. Some people also recommend black pepper tea, which is particularly good for easing the headache that can result when there is gas trapped inside the digestive tract.

A blend of carom and cumin seeds crushed together in equal amounts and combined with black salt and asafoetida is another helpful remedy when it is mixed with warm and drank following a meal. A combination of lime juice and ginger juice mixed with a teaspoon of black pepper can also be effective for easing the discomfort of gas.

Eating a clove of chopped up garlic can also help in preventing issues with chronic flatulence. Garlic works by destroying the yeast bacteria responsible. A cube of jaggery with a bit of black salt on it eaten after dinner can be helpful in preventing and treating gas in the digestive system.

In addition to these home remedies there are also some measures one can take to lower the incidence of gas. Smoking should be refrained from. One’s diet should not include or only limited amounts of alcohol, pop, greasy and spicy foods, and some dairy products. Coffee and tea taken on an empty stomach should also be avoided. Sleeping during the daytime can also cause more gas to form inside the digestive tract.

Regular exercise on a daily basis also helps reduce the formation and incidence of gas. When eating, one should be sure to chew well and not swallow quickly and eating several small meals a day can also help. Ingesting plenty of fiber, such as fruits and vegetables is another effective way to keep the digestive system functioning optimally and can lessen the chance of gas being trapped. However, whenever someone does find that he or she is affected this ailment, these stomach gas Indian home remedies will be of great use.

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