Stomach Gas Indian Home Remedies

When you suffer with problems related to bloating, gas, or indigestion, it can be quite miserable. In fact, you may be afraid to eat certain foods. Here are a few stomach gas Indian home remedies that come to you from parts of Asia. They are natural and known to work for many people.

If you ever had a nice hot dish of Indian curry you know how warm it can make your insides feel. Curry can be good for the digestion and one of the main reasons is the turmeric. In fact, many people recommend taking a teaspoon of yellow mustard for heartburn. Turmeric is what gives the mustard its yellow color and the reason it helps with heartburn.

Turmeric is an excellent spice for gas and bloating. You can buy turmeric supplements and simply take them with meals if you like. However, the active ingredient is curcumin and buying curcumin supplements will give you a more potent anti gas supplement. Turmeric and curcumin are also frequently used for problems like arthritis due to their anti inflammatory action.

You will find many spicy dishes from India and other parts of Asia. Much of this spice comes from the heat generated by chili peppers. There are several ways to take advantage of the digestive benefits of chilies. First, you could eat more hot things and find a good hot sauce that you enjoy. It can be placed on a wide variety of foods.

Cayenne pepper is an excellent spice that most people have in the kitchens. If you are having a gaseous problem or indigestion try about one quarter teaspoon of cayenne pepper in half a glass of slightly warm water. The pepper will dissolve better in warmer water. Simply drink it down quickly.

Cayenne pepper can also be taken in capsule form. It is readily available and may be purchased at most drug stores or natural food stores. If you do not like the burn you can purchase one of many cool cayenne capsule supplements. They have other ingredients to eliminate the burn and still provide you the benefits of the spice.

Garlic can be an effective carminative. You can add garlic cloves to food but it may be easier to buy the supplements. Some people refrain from garlic capsules because of the aftertaste. However, thanks to the many “odorless” products on the market today, this can usually be avoided. Garlic is good for the blood and acts as a mild natural antibiotic.

Stress is a contributing factor to many types of digestive upsets. Try relaxation techniques to lessen tension and stress. One of the best stress busters is yoga and comes from Asia. The gentle stretches and meditation exercises are low impact and can make one feel much better.

There are many excellent stomach gas Indian home remedies to consider. They are proven to be safe and effective. They also are natural and some have many other health benefits to consider. However, some of these things may thin the blood or affect medications you take, so consult with a medical professional when you have concerns.

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