Some Effective Stomach Gas Indian Home Remedies

Bloating and flatulence could make you very frustrated and uncomfortable. Just picture yourself having an important meeting but you are so badly bloated that you cannot concentrate on what is going on. This is the nightmare that indigestion could cause you if you fail to take steps to alleviate the situation. All the discomfort and embarrassment could be avoided if you try some pretty effective stomach gas Indian home remedies.

In most cases, bloating, acidity and flatulence are usually signs of an underlying problem. The culprit in the majority of these cases is usually indigestion. Although there are solutions to this issue, It is always more prudent for you to take the prevention way. Taking measures to prevent indigestion would always save you the trouble and pain of dealing with a bloated tummy. However, if prevention does not work, you could resort to using the following herbs.

The neem tree is known throughout the world for its medicinal values. This is especially the case in the African and Asian continents where its pats are used to cure a myriad of problems ranging from skin infections and stomach issues. This does not however mean that the healing properties of this tree apply to people in these continents only. The leaves of this tree could be ground to form a sort of powder that could be taken in food to cure indigestion.

Fenugreek, which is at times referred to as methi in the Asian sub-continent is also quite famous for its medicinal values. Some people even use this herb as a spice in the preparation of various dishes. Methi has the ability to soothe the tummy and relieve bloating and acidity. The seeds of this herb are especially useful, as they are rich in a certain special substance that coats the abdominal walls and thus aid digestion.

Turmeric is another herb that could be used in such cases. Turmeric powder is a common herb in many household as it is used to season foods and to add a little color. This is especially used with rice dishes to give them flavor. This substance, added onto food can ease acidity and bloating issues. Some folks have also successfully used thus herb to heal peptic ulcers and skin diseases.

One main advantage of using turmeric is that it is readily available. This could be bought at your nearest supermarket or grocery shop. Therefore, you would not have a hard time getting this for this purpose. It is however important not to use this substance excessively. Extremely high doses would have adverse side effects that would rather be avoided.

The above herbs must however be used cautiously. For example, there are certain groups of persons that should not use these cures. Pregnant women and persons under medication must steer away from these cures.

Regarding the safety levels of these herbs, it all boils down to common sense. Too much of these would be harmful to your health if care is not taken. It would also be foolish to use all the above stomach gas Indian home remedies all at once.

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