Is Stomach Gas Problems Affecting Your Sex Life? Here are some food not to eat before sex

smelly faceIf you have found this article, it means that your stomach gas problems are affecting your sex life as well. I know too well what it is like to be making love, and amidst the sexual tension, suddenly a fart is released, and there goes anymore mood for sex with my partner.

I guess among all the embarrassment that a person can handle, this particular situation is the worst of them all.

So in the event that such things do not happen again, I have decided to research and list down the categories of food I should avoid, as well as start taking some rezvera supplements (check out my rezvera reviews) to help with my flatulence problems.

So if you want to improve your stomach gas conditions and hopefully, not let the gas affect your sex life, then check out the list of food to avoid below.


List of food to avoid stomach gas problems before sex:

Beans (no wonder I don’t like beans)

Of all the food that can cause stomach gas problems, I will definitely list this as my top food choice to avoid. The sugar raffinose and soluble fiber, both found in beans, are known for being difficult for the body’s digestive system to break down in our body. And if you like beans, I am sorry but you will probably have to avoid eating them if you are on a hot date and you suspect you might get lucky that night.

Certain vegetables like Brussels sprouts, cabbage and broccoli also contain Raffinose so do avoid them as well.


Bread (including potato, cereals, pasta and corn)

Second on my list will be to avoid bread because of the starch and soluble fiber found in it. Starch makes your stomach become an engine maker of gas. Not only bread, but foods like pasta, corn, and our favorite like cereals and potato have lots of starch as well. So do avoid these foods as well.


Avoid Fatty foods

When we see fatty foods like fried chicken, fried calamari, we will tend to eat a lot. Imagine french fries as well. It is fried and potato have a lot of starch as well. When we eat these food, we will tend to overeat. The problem is not that fatty foods are causing our stomach gas problems, but it is the overeating that is the cause of our problems. Hence, we will suffer from bloating and constant farts.


Gassy beverages

Every time you open a bottle of carbonated drink (I better not name any) and pour the drink into a cup, you can see the gas bubbles building up in the cup initially before the gas bubbles subside. I do not know about you but for me, the sound of the gas bubbles building up tends to make me want to drink up, which is definitely not good for me.

You might be thinking, the bubbles would have subside in sight but I assure you, the gas bubbles are still there. And as you drink up, the excess air that you have just drink can cause bloating and constant burping as well. Beer also has the same effect too. So if you know that one of your gas problems arises from soft drinks, then it is better to avoid drinking them.


Fruits And Vegetables

Though we may hear lots of nutritionists and health experts telling us to eat more fruits, what we need to know is that not everyone benefits from fruits and vegetables.

The sugar content like fructose, which are found in artichokes, pears and onions, are known to cause the gas eruptions in your stomach.

Another sugar content, call sorbitol, which are found in apples, pears, as well as peaches and plums, can also cause gas problems.


Lack of Lactase

If you suffer from gas and tend to like dairy products like milk, then there is a situation which you may or may not be familiar. As milk has lactose, a type of sugar found in milk, your body will need lactase to help break down lactose. And for those who are lactase deficient, you will most probably be farting a lot of drinking milk and any other type of products.


Keep a diary

Not everyone have the same type of body reaction to the above foods, but the best way to track what type of food affects you, try to keep a diary to record what you ate and how bad was your stomach that day. Maybe through this method, you can track down the main culprits.


Other methods

If you want to know other problems and solutions you can do to avoid or reduce stomach gas, check out this 5 simple remedies for gas and bloating problems.

As for the supplements, you can check our my rezvera reviews here, which I take 2 pills daily to reduce my stomach gas problems.

Another supplement I am looking into is this supplement which can force your body to let out the gas quickly so that you need not worry about farting later on. Check out my Gas-X anti-gas chewable tablets review here.

Oh, 1 last thing to remind you is that you should not try to control not letting your gas out. It may reduce your embarrassment but the gas in your body contains methane which can poison your blood if you do not let it out. So try to find a corner or space to let the gas out without alerting or affecting anyone else.

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