Information On Stomach Gas From Antibiotics

Most people do not stop to think about the kind of work they will be giving the digestive system from the foods they consume. In most cases, when you consume foods which give the digestive system a hard time digesting, you end up having a bloated stomach. Gases are released as by-products of digestion but if they accumulate in the abdomen, you experience a lot of discomfort and sometimes even pain. There are various causes of excessive production and accumulation of gas in your stomach. Below is a look at some causes of stomach gas from antibiotics.

The digestive system can process a lot of food in a given day. It can do so without causing any pain to your belly. However, from time to time, most people will get bloated stomachs especially after meals.

There are several causes of bloated stomachs after meals. One is too much eating and the other failing to chew food well before swallowing. Chewing helps to grind food into small particles which will be ground further by the digestive system for easy absorption into your body. Eating too much is also bad because the more food there is to be digested, the more gas will be released. Eventually your will be bloated.

Some people get bloated stomachs because their bodies are intolerant to certain foods. No matter how sweet food is, as long as it causes harm to you, stop eating it. You may note that after eating too much of a certain food, you experience small amounts of gas. You can prevent this from happening by consuming little amounts of that food.

It is also possible for this problem to persist after you consume a lot of any kind of food. If this is the case, bloating is inevitable. You can start by consuming little amounts of food several times a day instead of consuming one big meal at once.

Another known cause of bloating is eating bad foods. You should always eat fresh foods in the market. Any vegetables whose color has turned should not be consumed. Keep foods which easily go bad in the fridge. You should also consume freshly cooked food only.

You should also avoid many different foods at a go. People who attend food parties end up with bloated stomachs for consuming all the different kinds of foods being served. Some foods take longer than others to be digested and the only way to avoid mixing the two is to allow time for digestion before consuming a different kind of food.

It is also possible that your stomach gas from antibiotics comes from medical condition. If this is the case with you, see your doctor as soon as possible. The condition could not be serious but it is important to see a doctor just for clarity that it is not. It could be a problem which is causing overproduction of the acid in your belly. This is usually one of the belly gas causes. The good news is that simple prescriptions can be used to heal such problems.

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