Have You Been Suffering From Stomach Gas Pain After Eating? So What Can You Do About It?

Lately, a number of friends have been complaining about suffering some stomach gas pain after eating their dinner. For most people, it may be just a case of your stomach having a “disagreement” with the type of food you have just ate. After a few hours of digestion, and you should stop feeling any pain.

But for some others, the pain continues, and though it may not be as frequent, it is better to visit a doctor to get an opinion.

Below I have classified stomach gas pain into 3 categories.

Category 1 – No Biggy stomach gasstomach gas pain after eating pain

For the least serious case, more often than not, there are always certain food that your body just cannot digest well.

And in this case, if your stomach pain happens only once in a while, I suggest you start writing down what you ate that day, the ingredients involved.

Just keep a simple diary or note down in your phone, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

This method may not seem much but it will definitely help, especially if your doctor needs you to recall what you have been eating recently.

And each time you get stomach pain, compare the past few times and try to identify if it is because your digestive system is always facing the same difficulties with the same food type.

Check out this article, it might be helpful for you  – http://www.stomachgasremedies.com/causes/is-stomach-gas-problems-affecting-your-sex-life-here-are-some-food-not-to-eat-before-sex

Category 2 – Time to take notice of your stomach

For this category, it belongs to friends who gets stomach gas pain quite frequently.

One of the most common cause could be that you are suffering from peptic ulcer in the stomach. Peptic ulcer usually happens immediately after you ate or it could take several hours before you start to feel the pain.

Maybe some Aspirin can help alleviate the pain.

There are also other causes that could happen.

You might be gluten intolerance or even lactose intolerant. And for some, it could be due to indigestion and food allergies as well.

Time to visit a doctor.

If you are interested in taking some supplements, these 2 articles might be helpful to you.

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Category 3 – Time to see a doctor and change your diet

This is the worst case scenario and I hope your condition does not come to this.

Yes, I am talking about stomach cancer. In some reports, there was an indication that the number of stomach cancer sufferers have fallen but when it comes to the food we eat these days, I feel we still really need to note of what kind of ingredients we are actually putting into our body.

There is not much I can say for stomach cancer but if you are worried as your stomach gas pain is pretty frequent, then stop reading this article and go see a doctor.

Have your blood tested, and your stool and urine sent for analyzing too.


Try to identify which category are you in and start taking care of your body.

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