Famous People With Stomach Gas Problems

After a revealing interview with Hollywood actress, Jennifer Lawrence, it came to light that the Hunger Games star was hospitalized for abdominal pains. It was discovered the Lawrence suffered from bloating and a buildup of gas that caused terrible discomfort and irregularity. The following takes a closer look at famous people with stomach gas problems and how best to manage such issues.

Jennifer Lawrence had detailed the stomach pains that she experienced one evening during the week that had become so severe she had to be admitted to a hospital. It was found that she suffered from bloating and flatulence that resulted in the experience of terrible discomfort. It was initially believed that the ache stemmed from the presence of an ulcer; however, upon the performance of an endoscopy no abnormalities were detected.

Bloating and excess gas can become a serious issue for many people. The Hunger Games actress had to be paced under anesthetic for the performance of an endoscopy because of the extreme nature of the pain that was experienced. There are a number of was to tell whether or not gassiness warrants a health risk before it becomes so uncomfortable that you require medical attention.

Belching and flatulence can be attributed to a number of problems including excess swallowing of air, bacteria buildup due to the consumption of particular foods, and digestive issues. Bloating is related to excess gas and is often a result of water retention, gas or the presence of enlarged tumors contributing to feelings of fullness and discomfort. There are a number of ways to better manage your diet and lifestyle to prevent against the possibility of suffering depending on the underlying cause.

In cases where there is an overproduction of gases, individuals will often experience stomach cramps, flatulence, and belching. This may result from the growth of bacteria that is attributed to the poor absorption of sugars and the spread of intestinal bacteria. Flatulence and bloating can be determined with a medical examination including X-rays and the performance of an endoscopy.

The treatment of gassiness will depend on the source for symptoms that needs to be examined by a medical practitioner. In many instances, these effects can be managed by dietary changes and the use of specific types of medication that serve to reduce the action of the small intestine and buildup of bacteria. A doctor can rule out more serious problems such as tumors and ulcers.

To beat the bloat, it is important to modify your diet, which means including more fiber and increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables in daily meals. Citrus foods with high levels of potassium are advised because of its ability to decrease bloat. Incorporate more exercise to ensure that you stimulate the muscles and breakdown sugars.

If you are suffering from cramps and flatulence like Hollywood star, Jennifer Lawrence be sure to receive medical advice before it becomes problematic. Care should be taken to include a healthy diet and exercise. These steps can prevent against the dreaded bloat and allow one to lead a healthier lifestyle without possible discomfort.

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