Famous People With Stomach Gas Problems

It seems as flatulence can affect practically anyone. Even celebrities report or deny the trouble. While the condition is painful, most tend to suffer in silence. However, when famous people with stomach gas problems expel those nasty gases, the problem often goes viral.

Nancy Grace, while appearing on “Dancing with the Stars” is just one of these celebrities reported to have trouble. In addition to her wardrobe malfunction, in her waltz to the song “Moon River” she was accused of a gassy gaffe. Nancy denied the report and claimed that she was being framed. She even asked for an investigation to determine who really let it slip. The whole incident would probably have gained less attention if she had just admitted to the problem.

According to an Jay Leno interview, Evangeline Lily used her trouble to her advantage while working as a flight attendant before her current career. She reports a passenger who was being rude on a day when she was struggling concerning flatulence. He eventually caused her to be so perturbed that she made a plan. She saved up the gaseous trouble and waited until she was passing his row before allowing it to escape in the passenger’s face.

Jessica Simpson has allowed the issue to escape during important business meetings. She even tweets about it and when she found that the average person expels the noxious odors about 14 times says she is trying to learn how to fart less. Perhaps her issue is not knowing if the food she eats is fish or chicken.

A former bodyguard, who chose to tell all revealed, Britney Speers smelly problem. According to him, she expels gas through both burps and farts. The former employee could probably shed light on many of the other poor choices Spears has made.

Katy Perry is apparently proud of the fact that she has issues caused by flatulence as well. In her own words, “I fart a lot.” When she hops around, she seems to shake the intestines enough to move the vapors through her system. Fortunately, she has a good attitude about it. She claims not to care, since it is her stage anyway. She does report many embarrassing moments. Perhaps this accounts for the increased turnover in backup dancers.

Kim Kardashian, while admitting to many different social faux pas refuses to admit that her love for bean burritos once caused her to stink up an airlines first class cabin. Other passengers point the Kardashian as the source of the smell. Considering all her in the face actions, one would think she would not mind admitting this error.

Just like all other individuals, there are well known individuals who suffer flatulence. Some of these issues can be reduced by changes in diet, although as Jessica Simpson discovered, flatulence is an issue for everyone. However, when there is an accidental slip, it would be nice if celebrities would at least say excuse me and admit to the trouble. They are, after all, just humans like the rest of us.

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