Famous People With Stomach Gas Problems

Intestinal gas and bloating are experienced as a result of digestive irritation, eating the incorrect foods, and even stress. While it is a natural process, it can become excessive and cause considerable embarrassment or indicate the presence of a more serious problems. With more famous people with stomach gas problems including Jennifer Lawrence revealing their discomfort and struggles, more people are seeking effective and safe remedies for relief.

In a recent interview, the Hunger Games star, Jennifer Lawrence revealed that she had experienced considerable pain and believed she may be suffering from an ulcer. The symptoms became so severe that she had to be rushed to an emergency room where doctors performed an endoscopy to view the stomach, esophagus, and intestine with a small camera. While the star thought she was facing a life threatening situation, the problem turned out to be excess intestinal gas.

Reports have revealed that the large amounts of gas Lawrence suffered from may have been a result of digestive irritation. The consumption of specific types of foods are most likely responsible for the development of bloating, cramps, and symptoms of discomfort that have led many people to seek medical assistance. Identifying the cause for negative effects that are often encountered.

Victoria Beckham, Ryan Phillippe and Jessica Simpson are gluten intolerant and stick to a strict diet for healthy living. A gluten sensitivity means an inability to digest the proteins found in specific types of grains including wheat that can lead to bloating and cramping. The stars focus on keeping slim and toned figures by minimizing carbohydrates and consumption of wheat based ingredients.

With more celebrities receiving attention for their digestive problems, there is less embarrassment concerning such topics. More people are interested in determining the root cause for their symptoms to seek relief and normal function. Gases that build up in the digestive tract can prove most uncomfortable and requires a strict dietary plan for a positive and balanced lifestyle.

Flatulence, belching, abdominal cramps, and bloating are some of the symptoms that are associated with the accumulation of gases within the stomach and the bowel. The formation of gas can be attributed to swallowing air, the consumption of specific types of foods such as beans or dairy, and poor digestive processes. When food cannot be properly broken down by the small and large intestine, it produces gas where it can cause considerable discomfort and embarrassing symptoms.

One of the best treatments for excess gas is dietary changes and the consumption of large amounts of water on a daily basis. A medical evaluation and allergy test can assist in identifying the foods that are responsible for sensitivities and irritation that should be avoided and removed from the diet. Medication may aid in controlling the symptoms, but rarely addresses the source for symptoms.

Famous people with stomach gas problems are revealing their health secrets to prevent against excessive bloating and discomfort. Lifestyle changes are most beneficial to decrease symptoms. If discomfort persists, it is important to seek the relevant medical advice to rule out an underlying condition.

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