Caffeine Affects Your Stomach Gas And Here Are 3 Steps to Recover

Yes, Caffeine affects your stomach gas and many people do not want to believe it. Almost everyone I know loves to indulge in their caffeine loaded drinks, but if you are one of the unlucky ones who are suffering from stomach gas problems, then you might want to rethink your drinking habits.

caffeine affects stomach gasDrinks that are loaded with Caffeine includes your

– chocolatey drinks,
– the usual suspects like coffee and tea,
– energy drinks that keeps you going in the gym or working and studying,
– and the carbonated sweet drinks, with plenty of gas in it.


Sorry to say that you might have to give up on your Caffeine habits but which would you rather have?

A good health free of stomach gas problems?


The enjoyment of all the drinks you want but always suffering from your gas problems, and sometimes, even feel some pain (hopefully not)?

If you are a 9 to 5 employee, then most likely, you will always be craving for a good cup of coffee to stimulate your body.  Usually the first cup will give you a good wake-up call and you can probably last through your morning till lunch.

The caffeine substance in coffee is the “hero” in interfering with the chemicals in your body that causes you to feel sleepy, and give you that extra energy that you need so much in the morning.

We all know that drinking too much of anything is bad and caffeine does fall under this class as well.  Too much coffee, and you might start to feel uneasy and always anxious as well.

And take note for those who drink as much as 500 mg of caffeine, your stomach might not be able to take it.

For some, it might be minor problems like stomach upset, but for the serious ones, you might even feel pain in your stomach.

But what if you have already started to feel the effects of stomach problems after drinking so much caffeine?

Here are 3 steps to prevent your stomach gas problems from getting worst which you can take immediately:

Step 1 will require you to stop consuming anything for at least an hour. If your condition is not too serious, then 1 hour should be enough for the gas problems in you to stop.

But from experience, you will not even have any appetite to eat.

Step 2 will be to drink loads of water.  The usual 4 to 6 glasses of water should do the trick.  What you want to do is to detox your body of all the caffeine in your system.

When you drink, you will start to visit the toilet to pee, and this should flush out the substance that are harmful to you.

Step 3 will only be suitable for serious candidates.  If you are still in a lot of stomach pain, and even after you have tried the 2 steps above and none work, then it is time to visit a doctor to consult on your stomach pain.

It is always better to be safe than sorry.

There are other steps that you can take as well like buying over-the-counter medication.  I will try to update this blog post for suitable remedies and the reason is because different people reacts differently to the medicines or remedies available on the market.

I do not think that there is a one solution that can settle everybody.  The only way to know is to try the different remedies available and find out which are the ones your body reacts the best to.

Bookmark this blog post as I will be updating it pretty soon and have a better recommendation on what is good in the market just for stomach gas sufferers who drinks too much Caffeine stuff.

Stay tune…

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