Basic Facts of Stomach Gas Problems That You Should Know

Here are some basic facts of stomach gas problems that you should know if you suspect you are suffering from stomach gas but still unsure. Read the portion where there are 3 embarrassing situations of stomach gas sufferers below and if you do not face these problems, then maybe you do not have stomach gas problems or maybe it is just less serious.

In medical terms, the doctors will say everyone will burp or passes gas out from their rectum every day. For the common people, we will prefer to just say we all fart.

It is just depends on how many times we fart per day and do we actually suffer from stomach gas problems.

There are a lot of people who are passing out normal amounts of gas but sometimes they do suspect if they are suffering from gas problems. And this can be deal to the fact that a lot of us are not aware of stomach gas problems and sometimes, it can be a “smelly” topic to discuss with friends who are not suffering from it.

Some basic facts:

What many times does a normal person farts?

A normal person will fart about 14 times a day or maybe less. It is equivalent to around 1 to 4 pints a day.

What does Gas comprise of?

Gas is mainly made up of odorless vapors like the following:

– carbon dioxide
– oxygen
– nitrogen
– hydrogen
– methane (sometimes)

Why does our gas give out an unpleasant smell?

The unpleasant smell that we fart out from our ass (sorry for my language), is actually cause by bacteria in our large intestine. The small amount of gas release from our large intestine contains sulfur.

What kind of problem do stomach gas sufferers face?

For the less serious sufferers, they do not face life threatening situations, but I guess the keyword here will be embarrassment.

Sufferers are sometimes unable to control the frequency of their flatulence problems, and imagine the following scenarios:

1 – Stomach Gas Problems During Dinner In A Restaurant

When having dinner with friends, 2 situation can come up. If the person is able to control his gas, he will most probably be disappearing from the restaurant pretty often to release his gas, maybe at some place less crowded and airy. But if the sufferer is unable to control and starts farting, he will be embarrassing his friends and the smell will most probably affect the rest of the guests in the restaurant.

2 – Farting In The Office

In the office, the same problem might occur as well. He or she will be visiting the toilet or stand outside the office quite often to release his stomach gas. And this is going to be bad for his performance appraisal when their bosses start taking notice of their habit of always leaving their cubicle.

3 – Worst Time to Fart Is While Making Love

And there is the ultimate problem while making love with your partner. Can you imagine how your constant farting can affect the mood of your partner while you are making love? No matter how romantic the surrounding room can be, if the odor from your flatulence arise, how amount of love you have can bring back the mood.

2 Stomach Gas Remedy Solution Research

I do have 2 solutions for you which I did a little research stomach gas remedies on and it seems to get good reviews from the users:

If you are a person who is tired of all these problems, maybe you can try out this natural remedy call Rezvera. Check out my research on Rezvera review and the other sufferers who were saved by this natural remedy. Click here to read my Rezvera reviews.

The second solution is more suitable for people who work in the office. It is a cushion seat which you can place on your office chair and it will absorb the gas and prevent the smell from spreading to anyone around you. You can fart the smelly gas out and no one will know that you did. But if you have to try it to know if it works. Click on the link to check out my research on this Gasbgon flatulence filter seat cushion review

Not everyone will face the same problem or have the same root cause that causes their stomach gas problems. The key is to understand and find the exact cause, and then finding a remedy for your stomach gas to be back to normal.

3 comments for “Basic Facts of Stomach Gas Problems That You Should Know

  1. D.Harikrishna
    November 15, 2011 at 6:48 am

    I have been facing lot of problem with gas problem, every day morning i went to toilet two times for clean my stomach.And i used to relese lot of times gas from stomach and always my belly looking like bellon. How do i slove the problem pls advise


    • admin
      November 16, 2011 at 6:26 pm

      Hi Harikrishna,

      What kind of food do you eat everyday? Based on your email, I will assume you are from India? The rich variety of food in India is delicious but at the same time, it can be pretty bad for your stomach too. Especially with beans. And how often do you exercise per week? In order to resolve your gas problems, I will need to know more about your eating habits and exercise habits as well, including maybe your sleeping habits too.


  2. Dave A Paul
    February 19, 2012 at 2:01 am

    I suffer from bloating, gas and stomach pain. I do not eat any high fat food and exercise five times a week. In the middle of night, I experience stomach pain and lots gas is passed.

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