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This Stomach Gas Remedies website is started with the hope of providing people who suffer from excessive gas problems a portal to find useful advices and what are the latest medication or product that can help us deal with the problems we faced in our daily life, and improve our social circle as well.

For all the latest articles related to stomach gas problems, look to the right and click on the articles that might relate to you.

Needless to say, I am one of the sufferers, though I do consider myself as a mild sufferer.  And being in my mid-30s, and still being single, it wasn’t easy to get a date or have a lasting relationship as well.

A lot of aspects of my life has been affected, especially my social circle.

At one point in time, I really wanted to scream out in frustration!

It is no joke sometimes trying to explain my farting “frequency” sometimes.  And the smell from my system can really turn an active crowd silent 🙁

This problem affects 3 parts of my life.

Firstly, being a programmer with a tiny cubicle, it does not help when I constantly have to step out of office when you just need to “break wind” (sounds nicer)

Secondly, it is so difficult to maintain myself while in a restaurant too.  It spoils the mood of enjoying my food without worrying if I will spoil another person’s appetite with the gas smell that was released (by me of course)

Thirdly, last but not least, it turn the best part of my life to the worst part.


I am talking about my sex life.  Not matter how romantic the atmosphere is, how beautiful the music is being played in the background, the moment the urge to fart or burp comes, the smell kills whatever mood there is.

Oh well, the best way to battle this stomach gas problems I have is to tackle it with a positive smile and an active search for a resolution.

I have visited doctors as well as taken prescription but it seems all these did not cure the root cause of my stomach gas problems.

So I started to comb around online and offline, in search for a stomach gas remedy to cure myself.  I am pretty worried now as there was an article that said that if we let the problem persist without seeking a cure, it can lead to serious damages to my liver, stomach and digestive system for anyone above 25 years old.

So I started this website to share some of my findings and research.

Some articles I am sharing on this website are useful to me and while some may not have proven successful for me, it seems to work for others.  Since there is nothing to lose, give it a try as well.

There are some products that can also help us in our daily life as well and always prefer to buy stuff online as it is less embarrassing for me I guess.  Check out some of my recommendations and let me know after buying, does it help you or not.

Check out this table which I created for everyone to get more details on each stomach gas remedy.



Rezvera Natural Remedy
Rezvera Natural Remedies for Stomach Bloating
Gas-X Anti-Gas
Gas-X Anti-Gas Chewable Tablets
GasBGon Flatulence Cushion
GasBGon Flatulence Filter Seat Cushion
Ultimate Flatulence Cure System
ultimate flatulence cure systemUnable to gauge since information is not available

Your opinion can prove useful for us as well.  Hope this website, though basic in articles, can hopefully give you some ideas.



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